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Toronto skyline

Hang from Toronto's CN Tower

If you’ve got a head for heights or even if you haven’t, a visit to the world’s fifth tallest free-standing structure will leave you dizzy and reaching for your camera quicker than you can say vertigo. The pinnacle is almost 2,000 feet up and if you want to really thrill your socks off then try stepping out onto the roof which promises the highest hands-free 360 degree walk on the planet.

hanging from the cn tower

Views of Toronto are, as you’d imagine, awesome and the twinkling lights from the downtown skyscrapers and office buildings at dusk are nothing short of magical. Of course the views in the daytime aren’t bad either however, if you’re looking to really make the most of your time above Toronto then why not consider, quite literally, hanging over the edge?

This is the ultimate in city thrill-seeking and once you don your harness and ensure you’ve had adequate prep time then you’ll be ready to lean over, face first, to see life from the perspective of a pigeon. The Edgewalk lasts approximately half an hour although there is a further hour to ensure you’re full prepared for what promises to be an exceptional experience.

I’d imagine taking lunch is probably best left until after you’ve attempted the Edgewalk but as you’ll find that you’ve actually been hanging off the roof of the CN Tower’s revolving restaurant it would be rude not to pop in for some post-walk refreshments. Accomplishing ‘the walk’ will leave you with a certificate and more than your fair share of kudos when you touch down on the ground below. So, if the thought of spending 30 minutes dangling above Toronto hasn’t put you off, there are a few things you should know prior to departure.

Who’s able to walk?
You’ve got to be over thirteen and accompanied by an adult if you’re seventeen or under. You can’t be lighter than five and a half stone and can’t be heavier than twenty two stone.

Who can’t join in?
If you’re pregnant, have broken bones, have undergone surgery within the previous six months or if you’re off your face on drugs/alcohol then forget it. If you suffer from conditions, including: respiratory, high blood pressure, dizziness and visual impairment then this is not for you.

What do you have to wear?
You don’t have to worry too much about looking great as you’ll be given a super duper jump suit that fits neatly over the top of your clothes. Even if you’re not wearing the correct footwear (lace-up trainers not Velcro) you’ll be issued with a pair of non-slip rubber soles.

What’s the pre-walk-prep all about?
You’ll be screened for drugs, explosives and booze, you know, the usual. You’ll also be patted down and subjected to a metal detector unit as the only personal items that you’re allowed to take with you are prescription glasses. Also, this is your chance to meet your guide so listen carefully and don’t make him feel uneasy!

Finally: is it safe?
Of course it’s safe – unless you ignore everything that’s been written above!

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