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Membership and Protection

Canadian Sky Ireland safeguards your money and holiday through membership and full adherence to published codes of best conduct and practice of appropriate regulatory bodies.

CAR (Commission for Aviation Regulation)

CAR (Commission for Aviation Regulation)

Canadian Sky Ireland is licensed as a Travel Agent (CAR License No 0664) by the Commission for Aviation Regulation.

The CAR regulates aspects of the aviation industry and is also responsible for licensing the travel trade in Ireland. As a condition of granting licences to tour operators and travel agents, the Commission insists on the deposit of a secured bond and administers a scheme to reimburse consumers in the event of commercial or other difficulties with their provider. Booking your holiday through a CAR Licenced operator means your money and your holiday are protected from the outset.

Visit CAR (Commission for Aviation Regulation) website

IAA (Irish Aviation Authority)

IAA (Irish Aviation Authority)

Canadian Sky Ireland also supports activities and recommendations made by the Irish Aviation Authority, the commercial state-sponsored company which was established in 1994 to provide air navigation services in Irish-controlled airspace and to regulate safety standards within the Irish civil aviation industry.

Visit IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) website

IATA (International Air Transport Association)

IATA (International Air Transport Association)

Canadian Sky Ireland is also associated with IATA, the organisation that promotes international inter-airline cooperation. Today, I A T A has 230 members from 126 countries throughout the world representing all the leading carriers and airline operators.

Visit IATA (International Air Transport Association) website

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