Families in Algonquin National Park, Ontario
Motorhome Holidays
Road leading to Banff National Park, Alberta
Driving alongside Green Lake, Whistler, British Columbia
Parc de la Gaspesie, Quebec
Motorhome holidays in Banff National Park, Alberta
Driving through Yoho National Park, British Columbia
Motorhoming in Wakaw Saskatchewan
Motorhome holidays in Yukon

Inspiring guides for your motorhome holiday

A motorhome holiday is a fabulous adventure. Drive to each location at your own pace, stopping whenever you see a beautiful vista that you want to enjoy just that little bit longer. Cook yourself dinner in your motorhome or find a local restaurant, and choose where you want to watch the sunset.

We love the freedom a motorhome holiday offers, and we're sure our guides below will inspire you too.

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Exploring British Columbia by motorhome

Riding through British Columbia's incredible sceneries in a motorhome is one of our favourite ways to explore this vast region - come find out why, and how you can experience this exciting way of travelling around Canada.

Road tripping Quebec

Think of an road trip, and no doubt America's Route 66 will come to mind. But how about a road trip that’s much more unique? A drive through Canada's Quebec is full of culture, stunning natural beauty, and fascinating history.

Road tripping Alberta

Ignite the engine, put down the roof and crank up the radio – it’s time for a road trip through the natural beauty of Alberta.