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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my wedding be legal? Yes it is legal under Irish Law and you do not have to register it when you get back home.
  • Can I just book a wedding or do I have to book flights and accommodation? Our wedding specialists at American Sky will book the complete package for you, therefore taking the stress out of the arrangements.
  • If I wanted to book just the wedding can you do this? Yes, we can book the wedding only, however we have some exceptional rates with airlines and hotels and other suppliers in every major destination so we encourage you to take advantage of our buying power and give us an opportunity to quote on full packages including transportation and accommodation.
  • How do I book a wedding? Once you have booked your chosen resort and hotel, you will need to advise us of your preferred wedding location and what date and time for the ceremony you would like. We will then work with our team of local wedding co-ordinators to check the availability, and confirm back to you within a week of requesting. If the date is not available we will advise of an alternative.
  • What will the wedding package include? This varies on each package and location. Our wedding co-ordinators will be able to advise you. There are usually a number of extras available (such as flowers, photos, DVD etc) should they not be included in your chosen package. Please request these at the time of booking if you would like to add them.
  • How much does a wedding cost? This depends on your chosen hotel or wedding location and package.
  • What happens when we get to our destination? The local wedding co-ordinator will arrange a meeting with you to advise you on where and how to obtain your marriage license and discuss your wedding day details.
  • There are just the 2 of us, will we need witnesses? This varies depending on the state you are getting married in. The local wedding co-ordinator will normally act as a witness for you should you require them to.
  • How long does the ceremony last? Usually 15-20 minutes. After this there is the signing of the register.
  • How do I carry my wedding dress? We suggest you pack it with tissue paper into a strong suitcase and check it in as luggage. However, this will form part of your luggage allowance. On arrival at your hotel it is best to hang it up in the bathroom to allow the creases to drop out.
  • If we have friends and family staying at another resort or hotel can they attend our wedding? Yes. Some wedding venues incur an additional fee for large parties so ensure your wedding co-ordinator knows in advance how many people will be attending.
  • Will we receive our marriage certificate before we leave to come home? This can vary. Your wedding co-ordinator will advise you how to obtain a Certified Copy of the Marriage Certificate (there may be a small charge for this). If you are unable to obtain it whilst still in the USA, then it will be forwarded to your home address within 4-6 weeks of your wedding date.

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