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Glacier Bay mountains, Alaska
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Inside Passage, Alaska

Alaska Cruise Holidays - Jaw-dropping views and unique experiences

An epic journey to experience the vast natural beauty of the largest US state – cruise along the Inside Passage to Alaska. Sail in comfort through the icy fjords, watching the wildlife and admiring the snowy peaks. A must-see is Glacier Bay, where vast chunks of ice split away from the glacier and go crashing into the sea. Take the opportunity to join a whale-watching expedition or soar over the Juneau ice-field and Mendenhall Glacier on a helicopter tour.

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Discover the incredible Inside Passage

Alaska cruise holidays continue to grow in popularity and it is not hard to understand why. Such cruises are calming and majestic experiences in equal part – who wouldn’t want to witness the stunning scenery of south-eastern Alaska and historic ports of call from the comfort of the floating resort of a luxury cruiser?

Since the towns of Alaska have historically been built along the coastline and the state’s waterways, anyone looking to visit the area should do so by boat for their own convenience. Water transport provides the most access for visitors, for many towns (Juneau, for example) cannot be easily entered via other means of transport.

What will I see on an Alaskan Cruise?

Anyone who decides to take cruises to Alaska will have plenty to see whilst on their trip. Not only do cruises see tourists witness immense Alaskan glaciers undergoing the process of calving (in which large blocks of ice break off and loudly crash into the cold waters below) but most itineraries available also see the ship sailing through the island-littered Inside Passage; an unforgettable scenic experience.

All Canadian Sky cruise packages also include the Rocky Mountaineer rail journey; the legendary two-day expedition ascending The Rocky Mountains. At the top of the mountains amazing views of Alberta and wider British Columbia are provided. There are other packages available that include a small plane/helicopter flight in order to give guests a breathtaking birds-eye-view of the area and/or to take a day trip to a particular area of interest such as one of the region’s many National parks. Other activities that one can indulge in whilst taking a cruise across the state include whale watching, fishing for salmon, kayaking, panning for gold, dog sledding, bear viewing, snow and rainforest hiking and skiing (most cruises include a day or two for independent-roaming).

Where does an Alaskan cruise go?

Depending on the Canadian Sky Alaska cruise that you pick, your cruise itinerary will see you visiting a variety of the destinations included in the following list:   

  •     Anchorage
  •     Glacier Bay
  •     Hubbard Glacier Bay
  •     Icy Strait Point
  •     Inside Passage
  •     Juneau
  •     Ketchikan
  •     Vancouver

When is the best time to take a cruise across Alaska?

Cruise season in Alaska is between the months of May and September. Days outside of this late spring to early fall period tend to bring weather conditions which are too harsh for cruising visitors to comfortably – and therefore; fully – appreciate what the area has to offer. Anyone who visits the state during cruise season will experience pleasant temperatures between 19 and 24 degrees Celsius (area and month dependant); a beautiful contrast to the backdrop of Alaska’s icy coastline. Do be sure to pack yourself some warm clothing though. The days in June and July are the longest and so cruises booked for this time provide tourists with lots of daylight in which to see/do everything that they wish each day. Booking a cruise for just before the start or close of cruise season can be a good way for travellers to save themselves some money.

Alaska Cruises Inspiration

What makes the perfect Alaska cruise itinerary

While there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all Alaska cruise, newbies and seasoned pros will always be guaranteed cinematic scenery, out-of-the-ordinary ports of call, and oceangoing adventures of epic proportions.

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Glacier Bay, Alaska

Combine an Alaska cruise with a great rail adventure

Explore the beautiful landscapes of Canada and Alaska by cruise and rail for the perfect adventure.

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