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Phil & Jane share their Canada holiday story

Phil & Jane travelled on our Canadian Rockies & West Coast self-drive tour. Here's what they had to say:

stunning lakeside views in canada

Our first visit to Canada was an exciting one. After hearing our friends and family rave about the country, we knew we needed to experience it for ourselves – opting for a scenic self-drive to give us the freedom of riding the open road and choosing where we wanted to go. We had already enjoyed a self-drive across the USA, and we knew we’d have an amazing time in Canada, too.

The flexibility of a self-drive holiday suited us thoroughly, adding additional nights to one of the Canadian Sky tours and ensuring we saw the attractions and cities that excited us the most. Vancouver was a particularly good spot, memorable thanks to its friendly locals and great beer – what could be better than enjoying the sunshine with an ice cold drink?

We were nervous about the hours of driving included in our trip, but thankfully the incredible landscapes more than made up for it – we loved the beautiful countryside. We also fell in love with Icefields Parkway, and another wow moment was strolling to the Plain of the Six Glaciers in Lake Louise and taking in the views – a picture perfect experience. 

on top of whistler mountain jasper

Our favourite spot in Canada was Banff, which had a nice buzz around the town, and fantastic walks nearby that offered even more stunning views, including a walk to Lake Louise, Lake Minnewanka and Johnston’s Canyon. A big highlight of this rustic location was the tangy Key Lime Pie we tucked into at Earl’s Kitchen and Bar – by far one of our favourite treats. To get the true Canadian experience we even tried a taste of elk at the Fiddle Tree Restaurant in Jasper, which was delicious.

We added even more adventure to our holiday with a few hidden gems and unique attractions, including a spectacular open air performance of The Tempest in Princes Island Park in Calgary, which we absolutely loved. But most memorable of all was our kayak in Harrison Hot Springs – not only was our backdrop beautiful, but we were closely followed by a seal and its cub too! It will certainly be a moment we won’t forget.

great view of calgary canada

The beauty of the country fully exceeded our expectations, and we can’t wait to go back for more – this won’t be our only time in Canada.

We would like to thank Phil & Jane for sharing their story with us and hope to welcome you on another holiday soon..

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